Diversity Training

Diversity Issues In The Workplace

While organizations continue to talk to employees about working in a global marketplace and a diverse work environment ... It is not the same as "living" it out on a daily basis. 

The time has come to finally move beyond the basic concepts of EEO, Affirmative Action, hiring quotas and mere inclusion. In real time, diveristy issues significantly impair relationships, cooperation, team functionality, individual performance, productivity and organizational success. 

Diversity issues in whatever forms they manifest, are invariably rooted in a lack of self-leadership and inappropriately held attitudes. 

Our Diversity Issues In The Workplace workshop addresses many of the every day diversity issues which are common to the workplace, examines their misconceptions and then shifts participant focus to the real "truths" about diversity ... That we collectively share far more in common in both the workplace and in life than most people have ever considered.

Once understood, these undeniable truths ultimately foster increased respect, cooperation, team work, enhanced self-leadership and increased productivity. 

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Generational Diversity

Generational Diversity Training Workshop Facilitator

The Generation Connection Workshop

By the year 2020, there will be 5 different generations attempting to work side-by-side in the workplace.

Moreover, those individuals born between 1977-1997 will account for over 50% of the global workforce. 

The Generation Connection workshop provides a timely and unique interactive opportunity for your organization's people to enhance their ability to learn, grow and achieve "hand-in-hand" with their coworkers and colleagues.

This engaging workshop utilizes shared generational commonality as a catalyst to identify and spotlight the diversity of talents, abilities, skill sets and competencies ... As well as the life and cultural events that have shaped today's multi-generational workforce. 

When your organization and your people choose to embrace their Generation Connection, it will directly contribute to their shared ability to pursue a common purpose, achieve common goals and function unilaterally. 

Unity ● Respect ● Collaboration ● Teamwork

To register your organization for The Generation Connection workshop, contact our scheduling department at 843.251.5200.