Our Story

Ethics is a core leadership competency.

Our Experience

For nearly two decades, Developing Forward Leadership has been changing the way organizations and their people lead, perform and achieve. On a scale of 1-10, our clients and participants consistently provide exceptional ratings of 9-10 on three critical metrics. It has been our privilege to proudly serve municipal governments, nonprofit organizations, industry and private enterprise.  

We invite you to join us for an engaging and empowering learning experience.

Our Approach

It is our belief that professional development should be an engaging, empowering and impactful learning experience. We also comprehend that organizations have a potential for greatness that far exceeds the sum of its individual human resources. Therefore, we choose to challenge traditional educational paradigms by delivering unique adult learning experiences that are sensory rich, highly engaging and participant friendly.

We believe that forging long term relationships is key to authentic leadership development.

Why Us?

Corporately and individually, our staff is committed to forging mutually beneficial long term relationships and working partnerships that achieve meaningful results. In like fashion, we fully expect our clients to put forth their very best efforts at all times.   

Unlike conventional training methods, our leadership training programs provide long term retention and recall of the training concepts, tools and resources utilized. Resultantly, we provide your organization with a clear and measurable “return on investment”. 

Our Principal

Thomas H. Swank is the Chief Executive Officer of Developing Forward Leadership and the Founder of the Municipal Leadership Foundation. 

Tom is a highly respected author, motivational speaker and trusted business advisor. As a executive coach, certified business coach and facilitator, Tom has had the esteemed privilege of working with a wide range of business, industry, nonprofit and governmental entities.

As an entrepreneur, Tom has the experience of creating multiple successful startup business operations for others and eventually himself. In his last endeavor, Tom grew company sales revenue from zero at startup to over 30 million dollars annually, while developing a singular local sale into a major national / international account.


Tom's truest passion is the opportunity to assist organizations and their people in developing their personal leadership skills, formal leadership ability and effectiveness. 


Based on his extensive experience as an executive and entrepreneur, Tom comprehends the importance of corporate executives, municipal leaders and enterpreneurs to further develop their strengths, define clear actionable goals, focus strategically and execute decisions purposefully.     

Thomas H. Swank, Founder & CEO

Thomas H. Swank, Founder & CEO