Service Excellence

Consider The Facts

The vast majority of customer satisfaction surveys are generic, superficial and unrevealing. 

Research studies continue to verify that mere customer satisfaction is no longer a viable metric for customer retention or long term customer loyalty.

50% of our current workforce grew up in the online computer generation and have never experienced a true "extraordinary" customer service experience.

The primary goal of creating Service Excellence should be at the very heart of each and every customer interaction.

Building "trust" with both external and internal customers is critically essential in forging mutually beneficial long term relationships ... While serving as the key factor in creating true customer "loyalty".

Customer service begins with the right attitude.

Customer service begins with the right attitude.

Service Excellence Workshops

Customer Service Excellence begins with a excellent first impression.

The Question

The all important question isn't whether or not to improve your organization's level of customer service ... It is "how" to improve your customer service experiences and do so decisively.

The Answer

To deliver inciteful interactive workshops that share real extraordinary customer service case study experiences and then subsequently breakdown the key service attitudes and actions that made them so extraordinary.

Secondarily, to dispill the perception that merely satisfying the needs of your customers on a day-to-day basis is an acceptable level of service. 

The "Moving Beyond Customer Satisfaction" Workshop

Key Focus Points

  • Understanding customer expectations.
  • Identifying critical customer connection points. 
  • The "value" of customer loyalty.
  • Effective customer communication and empathy.
  • Developing customer trust.
  • Managing emotions in the customer arena.
  • Managing the stress of emotional interactions.
  • Developing meaningful customer relationships.
  • Defining goals for behavior change and effective customer servicing.
  • Case studies of extraordinary customer experiences.

Workshop Registration

 To register your organization for the Moving Beyond Customer Satisfaction iworkshop ... please contact our scheduling department at 843.251.5200.