Leadership develops both people and results.

Leadership Development & Training

"Baby Boomer" leaders are now retiring ... Who will take their place in your organization? How will they acquire the leadership skillset to do so?

Developing Forward conducts formal leadership development programs and interactive workshops that are content appropriate for leadership candidates, emerging leaders, team leaders and senior leaders.

Leaders at all levels of your organization will benefit from executive coaching.

Executive Coaching / Business Consulting

Invariably, it's lonely at the top. To whom do you turn to brainstorm, find clarity, confide in or clarify goals?  

We fully undertsand your executive and enterpreneurial isolation, as well as your need to think critically and strategically while ultimately executing sound decisions. We'll assist you in clearly defining what success means for your organization and then executing an exacting plan to bring it to fruition.    

Authentic diversity training builds respect, unity and results.

Diversity Training

While diversity issues have existed for many generations ... It's the rapidly expanding issue of "generational" diversity that has again brought the diversity issue to center stage.

Diversity issues exist at a great cost. Authentic diversity dictates that employers consistently demonstrate that they "value" each and every employee not only for their work skills, but also for their uniqueness as individuals. Diversity issues in whatever form they manifest, are deeply rooted in a lack of self-leadership and inappropriately held attitudes.

Learn how to create extraordinary customer experiences.

Service Excellence

The real question isn't whether or not to improve your organization's internal and external service standards ... It is "how" to improve them and do so decisively.

While everyone claims to provide great customer service ... Rarely does anyone follow through and actually deliver on their assertion.

How can your staff members truly deliver authentic service excellence ... If they have never personally experienced an "extraordinary" customer service experience?

Authentic sales success forges long term relationships.

Superior Sales Strategies

Every organization is in fact first and foremost in the "sales" business.

More significantly, every employee in your organization has a strategic role in your sales process. 

Whether your organization is For Profit (product driven, service based), NonProfit (fundraising) or Municipal (numerous public services) ... There exists a multitude of "sales" functions that drive organization revenues.

Our "10 Seconds To Success"  workshop will laser focus your organization's sales team!